Under The Knife, Episode 5 – Human Skin Books

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHKqBaAmzfU?rel=0] In Episode 5 of Under The Knife, I discuss the dark history behind anthropodermic bibliopegy, or binding books with human skin. Why was it done? And how exactly did tanners use human skin to create covers in the past? If you enjoy our series, please consider becoming a patron of our project by clicking […]

Holding a Book Bound in Human Skin

It is hot and muggy in the upstairs gallery of Surgeons’ Hall in Edinburgh. I walk past shelves upon shelves of jars that contain 18th-century specimens suspended in liquid: an amputated arm here, a cancerous bowel there. Compared with the lower level of the museum, it is eerily quiet up here. This section is not […]