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I’m thrilled to announce that The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice has just surpassed 1 million hits. Wow, what a journey it’s been! I’m constantly surprised by the interest this site generates each and every year, and am deeply grateful to you, my readers, for your continued love of medical history. In honour of this milestone, I’ve put together some fun stats about The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice.

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Total Hits: 1,006,092

  • Best Day: July 27, 2014 (33,163 hits)
  • Best Month: July, 2014 (82,555 hits)

Top 5 Most Popular Articles

  1. Death’s Doll: The World’s Most Beautiful Mummy (88,525 hits)
  2. Behind the Mask: The Plague Doctor (58,042 hits)
  3. Losing One’s Head: The Frustrating Search for the Truth about Decapitation (54,132 hits)
  4. Books of Human Flesh: The History behind Anthropodermic Bibliopegy (53,911 hits)
  5. Let’s Talk about Sex: Victorian Anti-Masturbation Devices (32,059 hits)

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Total Words Written: 79,952

Number of Countries & Territories Who’ve Read the Blog: 202.

  • Some of the most unusual include Cuba, Micronesia, Iran, Tajikistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Vatican City, and my favourite, Antarctica.

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